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robmugWe are very active in God’s world and we want everyone to know it!

As the pastor of this great congregation, I would like to welcome you. Thank you for seeking us out through this website. Through this medium you can find out more of who we are as a church and how we attempt to live out our faith in Jesus Christ.

My hope is that you will take the next step and come see us in person. I think you will find people that will greet you. I think you will find people who desire to live out their faith through the many opportunities we find in our community.

While the people of College Place are the true church, we do have a great building that we call our church home. Our contemporary worship service gathers at 8:45 a.m. in our Christian Life Center, and our more traditional worship service gathers at 11 a.m. This worship is located in our sanctuary. We have all types of music that touches all of our hearts. Our 8:45 a.m. music is led by great musicians and great voices. The 11 a.m. music is led by our capable choir and chancel musicians. We are located right in the midst of this busy growing campus of the College of Coastal Georgia.

But one thing that is rather unique to College Place UMC: We have 16 doors, entry ways into our building. Each door can offer you a way from your busy world into the life of our community of faith. Each door can open your life to our wonderful people. Each doorway is a beginning in our walk of faith.

Just as you may enter this building through many different doorways… you may enter the life of this church by many ministry doors. You may get involved here through our pre-school ministry, our Sunday school classes, our prime timer group, our youth ministry, our mission activities around town, our mission ministry beyond the bounds of our state and our country, or our ministry with college students, or our fantastic music ministry, or with our women’s ministry or men’s ministry, or our vital neighborhood ministry.

As a church people we are not made to sit idle in a sanctuary or in a classroom. We are wired to be God’s hands and feet. Now don’t get me wrong, it is good that we gather to worship and study and find support through fellowship.

These same doors that let people in are also designed to let people out of this building and into this needy community. Join us as we go out in ministry in local missions, in overseas missions, as we volunteer in all aspects of our city. While worship, study and fellowship are important parts of the life of a faith community, we are Christians at our best when we are out showing God’s love to others.

But the most important door is a door that only you can open. Rev. 3:20 says… “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and sit down and eat with them and them with me.”

The most important door is the door of your heart.

Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. Open the door to your heart. Let Jesus into your heart. Jesus Christ will transform your life.

Join us at College Place United Methodist.

Open the door.

Rev. Rob Grotheer