Adult Sunday School

Sunday School options at College Place include every kind of group experience from seriously studious to light-hearted and media-oriented. Try one class or several to find the right setting for you! Classes meet at 10 a.m. every Sunday in assigned rooms off the main hallway (look for signs above each door).Below are descriptions from a few of the classes. If no contact person is listed, call (912-265-4883) or email the church office for more information.

offers an in-depth bible based lesson for all ages. We have a lesson guide and student book, but spend our class period studying God’s word directly from the Bible while learning how to interpret its meaning.  It is a rich, robust Bible study that is both fun and informative. You are welcome to join us at any time – you won’t be lost and we will all benefit from your joining in.

“We have something wonderful waiting for you!”
Our name says it all:
* Great people – friendly and welcoming
* In-depth Bible-based lessons
* Mission oriented! We love helping others.
* Monthly gatherings for fun and fellowship
* Best of all – We love the Lord!
Contact our Teacher:  Rev. Franklin Pierce, retired clergy, 912-437-7660 or email him at

We are an older group, 50-90, but we welcome any age.  We believe in the open discussion of all issues facing Christians today.  We rely on the Bible to provide the answers.THE WANDERER’S
“Sundays Will Never Be the Same,” Spanky & Our Gang once sang.  And that’s the way you’ll feel when you join our gang of spirited individuals.  In fact, you’re likely to get  pun-ished – with wit, that is!  We enjoy light-hearted moments  while having a serious adult-Bible-studies-guided discussion.
You will find your understanding of these lessons and learning about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ enhanced by active listening — while a song is played or a movie clip watched. Or you may be moved by a spirited discussion.  We are mission oriented; so throughout the year we put our hearts ‘n hands to work on a number of mission projects.  So, come join us as we continue to live by faith and not by sight, trusting God to lead us and use the gifts and talents we are blessed with – to serve HIM!

This class represents the continuation of the original class of eight members started when CPUMC was chartered. We try to keep our class relaxed and open for questions and viewpoints by all members. Led by Dr John Hitt, a retired Biology professor, we meet in the church library, and we laugh alot. Our main theme is “Jesus taught us to serve one another.” We believe that is the only real message we need for life. Our current study is Biology and the Bible written by the class leader.
This is a teacher-led class of “mostly retired” participants.