Following Jesus

At College Place, church is not a spectator sport! God wants to turn an audience into an army. A disciple of Jesus is one who is recruited, connected, nurtured, and sent out into the world to be a servant and a witness for Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “A disciple is not above his or her master.” To follow Jesus, we must do what we see him doing. Jesus served others. He put others before himself. He gave himself to others. He alleviated suffering. He brought healing and wholeness to people. He invested his time in helping people become leaders. A disciple who follows Jesus must step outside of his circle and serve others.

Gift-Based Ministry

Our goal is for every member of the body of Christ to be in ministry. We want to help you serve by helping you identify and use the spiritual gifts with which God has equipped you for ministry. We have set a goal to help at least 100 people at College Place identify their spiritual gifts and their ministry application. We will then give assistance, finding the appropriate ministry team that uses their gifts, and make sure people receive the necessary training for their ministry.

Types of Ministries (N.O.W.)

One way of categorizing ministries is by type: Nurture, Outreach, and Witness. Examples of nurture include teaching, small-group leader, men’s and women’s ministry volunteer, ministries with children, youth, college, adult stages, member-care ministries (TLC volunteers), music ministry, worship ministries, and prayer ministries. Examples of outreach include local missions and global missions — everything from volunteering in local community organizations to going on short-term mission trips to other countries. We have a tradition of offering three to sixmission trips a year. Witness ministries include our welcome team, visiting friends, and evangelism team.