The Local & Connectional Missions (LCM) team is focused on outreach ministries in the Brunswick – Golden Isles area and Southeastern U.S. Our Hearts ‘n Hands approach to mission work is inclusive, for giver and receiver. We welcome and encourage individual worshipers as well as church groups to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. All members of the Body of Christ are encouraged to ask The Lord each day how they might be used by Him; employing their Spiritual gifts and God given talents to serve and bring glory to God by helping people in our community, southeast U.S. or other need coming to their attention.

LCM initiates, promotes and coordinates mission projects among individuals. For example, we have made Thanksgiving and Christmas “happen” for a 20-something divorced mom of three who works two jobs to provide for her three children and her parents that live with her. We respond to emergencies e.g. when a Darien, Ga., grandmother found herself logistically unprepared for full and complete custody of two grandchildren whose parents were jailed; or the Canadian family that suddenly found themselves stranded in Brunswick without funds following a serious traffic accident.

For several years, we have helped ensure that more than 50 Glynn County School system special-needs families have school supplies at year’s start. We work with Sunday School classes and other groups in their missions efforts for organizations such as the International Seafarer’s House, a not-for-profit center for weary multicultural sailors, or Amity House, a shelter for battered women.Throughout the year, we support — through service and offerings — simple, effective projects such as “Soap Gets In Your Tithes,” a soap and shampoo ministry that benefits Safe Harbor, a temporary shelter for youth, and other programs such as Operation Christmas ChildLove Loaves, and The Potato Project.

We also work to make sure that our military men and women have reading material and other necessities while deployed overseas. And after disasters, we have sent — in conjunction with Volunteers in Mission (VIM) and the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church — volunteer teams led by Rev. George Herndon and others to Mississippi and other locations to help with the cleanup.

Other local missions opportunities include FaithworksMorningstar Treatment Center and the United Methodist Home.

For more information about volunteering, or on-going efforts click on the links or call Billy Zeh at 912-996-3468.

What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? James 2:14