Your “door” into the life of our church will most likely be our worship services. When you see our church from the front, you’ll see our Sanctuary with the steeple on your right. At the other end, on the left, is our Christian Life Center (CLC). Connecting the two ends is a long central hallway where bathrooms, child care, and classrooms are located. You may enter our building at either end or in the middle from the back or front parking areas. The CLC is the home for our 8:45 a.m. contemporary-style “Experience” service. The sanctuary is the home to our 11 a.m. traditional-style worship service. You may want to try both services to see which fits you.

“Experience” God at the 8:45 Contemporary Service!

IMG_9362_940For our “Experience” service, we’ve created a warm, comfortable setting. We use visuals that include still and moving images and stage lighting to help us get in the mood and “on message” for what God’s Word will say to us. Our Praise Team leads us in worship through music and lyrics that lift up the theme for the day. While their mission is to offer their best for the Lord, they seek to lead worship in a way that lifts up the Lord and not themselves. Our Pastor, Rev. Grotheer, seeks to bring biblically based messages and his desire is that people will leave remembering not his words so much as God speaking to their hearts.

Traditional and Sacred – 11:00 Service


     In our traditional service, we approach tradition not as a formality, but as a way to bring the worshiper into a sacred drama. On the one hand, we draw from the rich symbols and music of the Christian seasons (Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost). On the other hand, our use of tradition does not make it hard for the worshiper to follow along. In other words, our worship services are “user friendly.”  We believe that tradition should be taught, and not assume everyone knows what to do and knows what everything means.

    Our Chancel Choir is very important to our worship service. A variety of musical styles are used to help communicate the message of the day with passion and bring us into an encounter with the Lord. We believe that boring worship is a sin!
     We believe that both kinds of worship services should offer a time to respond to God’s Word. We should not leave the same.